Can you repair my jewellery ?

We offer a comprehensive repair service and are happy to repair or restore any of your older much loved pieces.Please contact us on to discuss your warranty claim or our repair service. Please include a photo of the damaged item. We will then send you a quote to repair out of warranty items.

All our jewellery has a warranty period of 180 days, from date of purchase from Miglio. Within this period, we will repair or replace any manufacturing faults in your jewellery, free of charge, provided the item has not been damaged as a result of excessive wear and tear, improper treatment or non-adherence to cleaning and care advice.

You’ve lost one earring, HELP!

We understand how upsetting it can be to lose an earring and be left with just one you can’t wear. Please send us a picture of your remaining earring, and we will do our best to produce a replacement earring to complete your pair at a reduced price. 

How to care for your treasured piece:
1. Store all items separately
2. Avoid contact with perfumes and lotions, salt water and detergents
3. Avoid hard contact – especially with pearls or crystals
4. Do not use chemical or any commercially available jewellery cleaner or abrasives

5. Clean and polish all products with a Miglio jewellery cleaner and polish cloths

View Miglio jewellery cleaning and polishing products here>

Miglio stands behind the workmanship of each Miglio piece and guarantees each piece for 180 days from the date of purchase being the maximum extent of the consumer protection implied guarantee unless otherwise stipulated and not withstanding normal wear and tear or abuse through incorrect handling.

Kindly contact Customer Care for further information or assistance